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Corporate Clients

At Busy Boda, we’re all about efficiency, competitive rates and great customer experiences. We now offer courier services in Kenya with the help of our professional riders around Nairobi to get your errands and packages to your preferred destination – on time.

Register as a Busy Boda corporate client today and enjoy immense benefits ensuring all your logistical needs are met.

  • Manual bookings: Instead of using the App, clients can call the Busy Boda hot-line ( 0755 509 026) and order a ride.
  • Advance payments: Corporate clients can sign a contract with Busy Boda where they pay Ksh. 5000 as deposit which is refundable.
  • Flexible payment plan: Corporate clients and Busy Boda can come up with an agreement on how payments would be conducted (i.e Weekly, monthly, daily rate or payment-per-order)
  • Rider Options: One can order a rider with a box or a rider with a bag
  • Competitve pricing: We charge a base fare of Ksh. 150 for up to 3.5 km and charge Ksh. 25 per kilometer thereafter.

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