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Busy Boda is the #1 Boda Boda Hailing App in Kenya because we offer competitive prices to our riders for their dedicated services. We improve our rider’s welfare by providing value-added services in the form of loans, insurance and safety training.

Busy Boda also has a female rider-programme, that provides a unique experience for the customers. We support female entrepreneurship by providing a platform that allows women riders & entrepreneurs to tap into a readily available market of passengers.

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Why Sign up?

  • Reflectors offered to all registered Busy Boda riders.
  • The Busy Rider app is free for riders to use. (No charge for bundles)
  • Monthly incentives given to riders in form of ‘Rider of the month.’
  • Loyal Busy Boda riders are eligible for soft loans


Busy Boda has partnered with APA insurance to offer riders with the best insurance package with a convenient payment plan. For just Ksh 7,730 riders get:

Get insured today with a deposit of just Ksh. 1500

View our insurance packages here 

  • A deposit of Ksh. 1500 is expected from the rider to get a 2-month sticker. Following that, payment is done in form of either daily or weekly installments for two months – After this, the rider is given the full year’s sticker.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance (as per valuation) Includes 3rd party cover for 3rd party’s life, injury, property damage cover as per APA’s terms
  • Rider accidental cover for medical, disability or unfortunate event of death and funeral as per APA compensation terms.
  • Rider hospitalization cash of up to Ksh 4,450 per week

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